The Bone Girl


I’m really excited. ;v;

I went to GoodWill today with my mom and her friend, and I saw this in there. It was being sorted, but I went back in a little bit and it was hanging on one of the racks. And I touched it and IT WAS SO SOFT. So I got it and showed my mom and she let me get it and she bought it for me and everything. .w. The cashiers didn’t know what the heck it was supposed to be, so my mom passed it off as a scarfy thing so it would only be 3 bucks. At first I thought it was faux, since it has cotton backing, but in some areas where the fur is part, there’s leather. So it’s a real fur. .w.

There’s stitching in it, so it’s more than one pelt. We’re thinking rabbit. I’ve never seen a rabbit with that sort of pattern, but I guess it exists. XD I honestly don’t know what else it could be. But it’s awesome. I think I might see how my bones look set out on it. They might look cool. .w.


EDIT - Okay, guys, YES I am looking into it and trying to get it to an expert who can handle it and knows the laws here so we can figure out wth to do if it is cat fur. WE DO NOT KNOW YET. We’re doing the best we can.

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    Definitely cat. Oh man that really creeps me out.Fur really gives me the heeby jeebies for some reason, especially...
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    even if it IS rabbit, you should go fuck yourself
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    Unless there was a mad scientist having tabby cats shagging rabbits to make a bizarre mix breed without us knowing but...
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    Motherfucker how many fucking tabby striped rabbits do you fucking see running around use your Goddamn head.
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    Dude, I’m not even taxidermist and I can clearly see those pelts you’ve got are tabby cats, not rabbits. I’ve got one...
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    Yea, that looks exactly like my cat Kisa, who is a Mackerel Tabby manx. Her fur is super soft, and it’s pretty much the...
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    Yeah, agoutis do not look like that at all. And while there are breeds of striped rabbit, none of them look like this....
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